Tapered Channel Wave Energy
Many countries today are seeking alternative energy sources to fossil fuels for environmental, economic, and political reasons. Since the 1970s, wave power has been exploited as a carbon and emissions free method of producing energy. However, scientists and engineers are continuing to study wave power and develop new methods of harnessing it today. We wish to study one simple form of wave power, the tapered channel. The tapered channel, or TAPCHAN method of wave energy conversion is a very simple device. Waves collect into a channel which tapers into a large reservoir. According to conservation of energy, as the wave width decreases, the amplitude increases, enabling the wave travel up a ramp and pour into the reservoir as shown.
TAPCHAN. Photo courtesy of Boyle, 1996.
Once the water is in the reservoir, it flows through a traditional hydroelectric turbine back to the sea. Our goal for this project is to apply classroom knowledge in to the real world problem of how to best exploit the power of waves using the TAPCHAN wave energy conversion method.

Project for CEE 514 - Coastal Engineering
By: Rachel & Jason
Copyright 2010

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